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Saturday, October 29, 2022



Job Description


  1. According to the domestic shipment news, follow up on the arrival of the goods and supervise the registration of the container tracking form.
  2. Transportation of goods to docks and arrangement of warehousing at the port.
  3. Warehousing facilities before the goods are transported to docks
  4. Follow-up of Customs clearance documents, and feedback corresponding information to domestic documents.
  5. Arrangement for loading of goods on board.
  6. Equipped with information on shipping lines and freight to different destinations, and various charges payable by exporters
  7. File, save, transfer, etc. of various documents.
  8. Find, screen, and maintain reputable customs clearance agents, trailer companies, and other outsourcing units, and manage them.
  9. Preparation and processing of shipping documents, Bills of Lading, Dock Receipt, Export Declarations, Consular invoices, Certificate of Origin,
  10. Booking of shipping space or air freighting and advice on the relative cost of sending goods by sea and air.
  11. Arrangement for assessing the damage to shipment en-route.
  12. Arrange inspection people (staff) to ensure that the goods arrive at the destination warehouse safely and accurately.

Qualifications Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree and above in a related field
  2. 10 years of import and export clearance experience in clearing and forwarding companies
  • Be familiar with the assessment/BL/DO/COC
  1. Clear all the import and export procedures, and know how to handle the abnormal situation during verification
  2. Six (6) years of Team Management with over 15 subordinates
  3. Keep good communication and report timely
  • Good relationship with Tanzania Revenue Authority and Tanzania Bureau Standard
  • Good attitude to manager and Team members