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1) a) Procurement is the system of some issues, explain those issues

     b) Explain the term Discrepancy and what are the reasons for it to happen

     c) Define the term stocktaking, explain it's importance

2) a) What is meant by Tender Validity Period and explain its importance in public procurement

  b) Explain the difference between the Tender Security and Tender Performance

3) Discuss briefly Four (4) opportunities offered by supplier auditors

4) Mention and explain the three (3) Broad categories of Contracts

5)Explain the procedures to be carried out on the negotiation process after the Tender Board approved the process to be carriedout

6) Explain atleast four (4) sections of standard tendering documents that two of each depend on each others

7) Explain the basic principle stages for the employment of individual consultant

8) why stock control is important?

9) Explain two types(methods) of inventory ordering system

10) What are the merits and demerits of the following stock location system

     a) Fixed Location system

     b) Random Location System

11) Explain the following concepts:-

   a) Stocktaking mechanism

   b) Storage methods

   c) Pre - posting of issue

   d) Post - posting of issue

   e) Think cube principle

   f) Receiving

12) a) Describe how the store functions show that it provide service with due regard to economy

    b) what are the factors to be considered in Transportation and Holding cost ?

13) a) Explain the reasons why companies hire consultant

    b) Discuss the methods of payments applied in international trade

14) What are the factors influencing success in international sourcing (overseas buying)

15) What do you understand the following concepts:-

  a) Just in Time (JIT) principle

  b) Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

  c) Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

16) a) explain the provision clause in contract

     b) Explain the coolest and period/still stand period as used in Procurement process

17) Explain the following terms

    a) ABC Analysis

    b) Material Requirement Planning

   c) Vital, Essential and Durable Method (VED)

   d) Fast, Slow and Non-Moving (FSN) Method

 f) Just - in - Time (JIT)

 18) Explain the forms of organization of Procurement functions

19) Explain the supply chain functions and activities

20) Explain Five (5) Opportunities of Supplies Audit

21) Discuss the external and internal documents used in procurement process

22) Explain why research methodology is an important component in redey

23) Explain three (3) Disadvantages of Direct Observation ( in research perspective)

24) Explain the common errors (variances) in inventory records

25) Explain the flow process in supplier selection and evaluation

26) Mention and explain any of the characteristics of marketing the service

27) Explain Five things involved in Procurement planning

28) Describe 3 forms of Cost - Reimbersable Contracts (Cost Plus Contacts)

29) Explain Techniques used in developing research questions

30) Explain 5 main stages of project procurement management/Procurement Process

31) Mention and explain common documents used in solicitation process

32) a) Define the term outsourcing

      b) Explain the reasons for outsourcing

      c) What are the drivers of outsourcing

      d) Explain the pros and cons of outsourcing

33) a) Define the term bullwhips effect (Forester Effects) in supply chain

     b) What are the causes and mitigation measures of that effect mentioned in 33(a) above

35) a) what are the pillars of good governance Procurement?

    b) what are the reasons for the suppliers to be blacklisted?

36) Discuss the elements of public Procurement cycle and their impacts to the value for money Procurement

37) Explain at least 3 methods of public Procurement and their conditions for applicability

38) what are the basic elements of Terms of Reference (TOR)?

39) What are the reasons for holding inventory

40) What are the types of services which a


51)a)  Define the term procurement plan

      b) what are the stages of Procurement planning

52) a) Mention and explain at least 4 advantages of tendering methods

  b) Outline the condition for applicability of tender method

53) A valid contract is said to consists of 7 essential, explain at least 5 of them

54) why is it important to evaluate procurement contact performance?

55) a) outline the disadvantages of tender methods

      b) what are the stages of Procurement planning

56) a) what is meant by the term negotiation?

      b) what are the conditions for applicability of negotiation method in procurement systems

57) a) what are the methods of assessing suppliers performance?

     b Explain 5 similarities of public procurement and private Procurement

58) a) Explain 5 approaches of negotiation

     b) mention the importance of having proper Procurement planning in Procuring Entities

59) Define the term contract and how can be discharged?       

60) Mention and explain legal elements of contract

61) a) Outline 5 steps of negotiation process

      b) Discuss 7 main principles of public procurement

63) what are the demerits of lacking proper Procurement planning in organization

64) Differentiate between bill of lading and bill of quantity

65) what are the main differences between value analysis (VA) and value engineering (VE)

66) Explain the Procurement Planning Process

67) what should be comprised in drafting agreement?

 68) what are the differences between adversarial negotiation and collaborative negotiation

69) a) Define random sampling inspection

     b) What are the purposes of inspecting incoming materials?

70) Differentiate between public Procurement and private Procurement

71) a) Explain the term materials handling

      b) what are the advantages of materials handling

72) what are the objectives of JIT principle

73) Describe the functions of bill of lading

74) Explain the safety considerations of materials in warehouse

75) Discuss the fire precautions that should observed for materials in store

76) Mention the security measures to be considered in storage of materials in storehouse

77)Mention and explain at least 5 material handling principle

78) explain the factors affecting the selection of materials handling equipment

79) Discuss the factors to be considered in buying capital equipment

80) outline the factors to be considered when buying new or used equipment

81) mention and explain five (5) types of materials handling equipment

82) a) what is consideration as used in contract

       b) ouline the 5 rules relating to provision of consideration

83) What is benchmarking and explain its 4 forms

84) why ethics are important in Procurement field

85) a) Define the term Kanban method

      b) what are the objectives of materials handling

86) Deliberate on the reasons for changing of contract

87) Discuss the ways of advertising Procurement of goods

88) Explain the functions of public procurement policy division (PPPD)

89) Discuss the purposes of public Procurement policy division (PPPD)

 90) What are the conditions for applying restritive tendering

91) Account for demerits of competitive tendering

92) What are the main steps for processing and preparation of Annual Procurement Plan

93) Identify and discuss storelayout available in materials manai

94) Explain the importances of barcoding in materials management, breifly describe how it can increase efficiency in organization

95) identify and in detail explain the types of stocktaking

96) Project Procurement Management involves acquisition of goods and services from outside of the organization. Explain clearly the main stages of Procurement Process

97) Account for steps in selection process of consultant

98) identify and explain documents commonly used in storage, issuing and receipt of materials in store. Explain contents and uses of any of two documents

99) Explain at least 5 types of Pro