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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

JOB ADVERTISEMENT -Hydrologist/Water Resources Expert




POSITION: Hydrologist/Water Resources Expert

LOCATION: Dar es Salaam and Various Client Premises  

REPORTING TO: Manager Engineering Services

INDUSTRY: Environmental and Civil Engineering Consultancy 

DEADLINE: 15th November 2022

City Engineering CO LTD (CECL)  is a Tanzanian company providing engineering and environmental consulting services in line with the requirements of NEMC, ERB, Ministry of Water and Mining Commission.  

CECL is seeking a qualified and experienced hydrologist to team up with its existing staff and provide quality services to its clients. 


Typical responsibilities of the job include: 

Have a good understanding of the distribution and movement of surface and subsurface water resources, its physical, chemical and biological interactions with other environmental aspects especially human activities  

Managing data(hydrological, meteorological and relevant environmental and social aspects) acquisition from the field and any other sources that are in line with current international best practices; 

Perform comprehensive, fully dynamic river network modelling including simulating river hydraulics, water quality, sediment transport, flooding and forecasting as well as catchment dynamics and runoff with varying hydrological properties; 

Provide GIS support to surface and groundwater modelling activities, including data analysis and manipulation, database construction and cartography; 

Analyse interactions below the land surface by including underground structures and other types of excavation; 

Predict potential water quality issues including extent and provide remediation strategies; 

Estimate ground subsidence and predict pumping rates and stability issues in geotechnical and mining projects; 

Installing, calibrating and monitoring equipment used to monitor water levels, water flow, rainfall and sediment; 

Use computer models to determine the most effective ways of managing available water in particular areas such as Tailings Storage Facility (TSF), mine pits and Waste Rock Dumps (WRD), Landfills, etc. 

Use computer models to run both static and dynamic water balance in different bodies of water based on precipitation levels, evaporation rates, and other data including assisting in the design of water infrastructures ; 

Use ArcGIS and CAD to prepare various maps and figures, including contour maps of groundwater elevations, geologic structure, cross-sections, isopach, water quality, and other hydrogeologic data; 

Liaising with clients, consultants, government regulators, basin water bodies researchers, external bodies and other professionals on water resource issues; 

Build and maintain relationships with clients and other professionals involved throughout each project 

Implement relevant regulations including water resources and dam safety regulations; 

Manage operations for both projects including timetables, budgets, quality assurance, and management of documents, reports and data; 

Prepare various reports, maps and figures, and make oral presentations; and 

Keep up to date with new research and techniques in all areas of hydrology. 

  Linking People, Protecting Environment 



Good customer service 

Timely and Quality delivery 

Good team collaboration 

Work independently with minimal supervision 

Ethical and respectful behaviour 

Passion for knowledge and skills development  

Maintain environmental, community relations, occupational health and safety standards. 


B.Sc.A degree from a recognized institution that has specialized in Water/ Environment/ Earth sciences. A Master’s Degree in related fields is a plus. 

Proven experience in the application of  ArcGIS, QGIS, and AutoCAD software in environmental and engineering assessment is considered essential for this position 

Physically-based simulation modelling and tools such as SWAT, EPANET, HEC-HHMS, HEC-RAS, MODFLOW, SOBEK, GMS and FEFLOW are preferred 

Having a Tanzanian driving License will be a plus 

Submit your Cover Letter that includes your motivation why suitable for this position, Curriculum vitae (CV), Academic and Professional Certificates to the email address: [email protected] 

  Linking People, Protecting Environment